TM Promo for 1 Month (30 Days), 7 Days

Telecom field in the Philippines continuously struggle to deliver the best value for their customers. TM, an admired network, offers various promos designed to meet the multiple needs of its subscribers. Whether you need unlimited texting, calling, or data, TM has almost covered every type of usage. One of the most attractive options is the … Read more

SSS ID Online Registration

of card

An document of Social Security System is serves as basic identification for Filipinos, integrating several government IDs into one. This ID also simplifies the processing of NBI clearance, supporting smoother transactions with both govt and private sectors. After revising the process of getting an SSS ID, the system now offers an online registration method. It’s … Read more

How to Share a Load in TM (Pasaload)

Sharing a load or Pasaload is a feature that was previously offered by TM for those who complete registration in the Philippines. This service allowed them to transfer airtime credits to anyone in need of additional load. Although this service is no longer available, understanding its past functionality is still useful for historical context and … Read more

Comelec Registration 2024, Requirements, Schedule

of voters registration

As the 2024 elections approach, Commission on Elections (Comelec) has opened its doors to millions of Filipinos eager to exercise their right to vote. Following the Comelec registration process is must for first time voters and those needing to update their records. So know about the 2024 Comelec registration, confirming you can participate in shaping … Read more

EAT Bulaga Registration

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One longest running and most beloved television show, EAT Bulaga entertain its audience with a mix of games, entertaining segments, and attractive prizes. Recognize for its energetic atmosphere, the show invites participants from multiple backgrounds, offering them a chance for fun and also opportunities to win exciting rewards. Furthermore, EAT Bulaga registration is compulsory to … Read more

PNP Online Payslip Registration

got it

The National Police of Philippine has established a way of accessing payslips for its personnel through the introduction of the PNP online payslip registration. This initiative enhances transparency, allowing officers to view and download their payslips effortlessly. Whole process involved in registering for this online service, ensuring that PNP personnel can manage their payroll documents … Read more