0917 What Network in Philippines: Is Smart Number or Globe Sim

The use of special numbers like 0917 What Network in Philippines shows how technology changes and companies compete. At first, these special numbers were given out to easily tell which phone company you are using. The 0917 number has been a connection with Globe Telecom since the beginning of mobile phones in the country. Such association of 0917 with Globe has association for consumer choice and competition. For a lot of people in the Philippines, the starting numbers of a phone number can affect which service they pick. This is because they might be loyal to a certain network or find it easier.

0917 What Network in Philippines

The 0917 prefix is a code for mobile numbers that is handle by a finest name of this sector. Globe is about the first to offer new kinds of mobile services. It has also a lot of customers throughout the country. This thing shows that the number is part of Globe big and trustworthy network.

Prefix Operator
0917 TM (Under Globe Telecom)

0917: Is Smart Number or Globe Sim

It’s a TM number and one can also say it Globe as well because both are working under same roof. One who use the this prefix with Globe network get to enjoy many services and benefits. These benefits might be special deals, wider network coverage, or better plans for internet data.

0945 0906
0977 0927
0953 0965
  • They always tries to improve what it offers to its customers, using their number to show that they work for good quality and dependability.

network coverage

Switching Networks While Retaining the 0917 Number

  • With the start of (MNP), people can now move from Globe to a different network but keep their 0917 number.

This system, set up by the NTC, is made to be easy, so customers can look at other options without much trouble.


Are calls and texts to 0917 numbers free?

Charges for calls and texts to 0917 numbers depend on your service provider and your subscription plan.

  • Globe offers various promos that include free calls and texts to the same network.
Can I use this number for internet services?

Yes, this numbers are fully equipped for high speed internet services, with access to LTE and 5G depending on your location and device capability.

The phone service scene in the Philippines is always changing, and it is important to keep up with the newest trends and info. 0917 What Network in Philippines is very important in this regard. Whether you have been with Globe for a long time or are thinking about switching, the above prefix opens up a lot of possibilities to check out. Join the many people who depend on Globe Telecom for talking and messaging every day, and move into a future.

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