How to Share a Load in TM (Pasaload)

Sharing a load or Pasaload is a feature that was previously offered by TM for those who complete registration in the Philippines. This service allowed them to transfer airtime credits to anyone in need of additional load. Although this service is no longer available, understanding its past functionality is still useful for historical context and for those interested in the evolution of mobile services.

What Was TM Pasaload?

Fundamentally, TM Pasaload was a service that enabled TM subscribers to share their prepaid load with other TM or Globe subscribers. This was incredibly useful when someone wanted to help another person who had shortage of load. It does ensure that they could continue to make calls, send texts, or use data services.

Traditional Techniques for Share load in TM:

Using *143# Menu: One of previous methods that how to share a load in TM? was working through the *143# menu. Users would dial *143# on their mobile phones and going through the menu options to find the Pasaload service. They would then follow the prompts to enter the recipient’s number and the amount they wished to share.

Through Text Messages

Another method was via text messages. The process involved creating a specific message format and sending it to a designated number. Users could type the amount and send it to the recipient’s number with a “2” added before the recipient’s number. This was also very simple method.

Current Status of TM Pasaload

As of now, the TM Pasaload service has been stopped. Both the *143# menu method and the text message method are no longer operational. Users cannot share their load using these previously available methods. This change has affected how subscribers manage their prepaid credits, requiring them to find alternative ways to assist others in need of load.

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Tips for Managing Load without Share a Load:

Regular Load Purchases: Without the Pasaload service, users should ensure they regularly purchase load credits to avoid running out unexpectedly. Keeping track of usage patterns can help in planning ahead and maintaining sufficient balance.

Auto Load Services

Consider using auto load services offered by TM and other network providers. These services automatically recharge your account when the balance falls below a certain threshold, ensuring you always have enough credits.

Online Load Transfers

Look for online platforms and mobile apps that offer load transfer services. Some third-party apps provide the functionality to send load to other users, which can be a useful alternative to the discontinued Pasaload service.

The TM Pasaload service was a convenient tool for sharing load credits in between TM and Globe subscribers. Although it is no longer available, understanding its past functionality highlights the importance of such services in maintaining connectivity. Users must now adapt to alternative methods for managing and sharing load. Regularly purchasing load and utilizing online transfer options can help them a lot for this purpose now.

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